Friday, May 27, 2016

I am here just been busy

No pictures so I am just been here. I have been doing some small stuff. I have made the small hexie flowers for the blocks I made, but been doing a lot of other things.

Change was made in my house again. You would think with all the furniture moving we have done the last few months we would be satisfied with the arrangement we had.

Well we moved the furniture from one side of the living room to the other. My living room is extra big. We have a fireplace on one side and a french door on that side. On the other side we have a picture window and a front entrance door. On the picture window side we had a dining table and a curio cabinet.

On the other side of the room where the fireplace is we had a couch, and chairs. So we flipped them. With the new windows we decided to place the couch in front of the picture window. We don't have the air leaking in and they are low e-gas windows so the heat doesn't bleach out furniture and also carpet.

I still have nick-knacks to place back in place. But yesterday we had two little girls. So that wasn't a good day to try and clean antique glass stuff and place it back in place. They were good, but they kept us hopping.

So today the kitchen floor has cookie crumbs and the floor needs a good scrub. The extra stuff needs doing and I need to scrub bathrooms. I also need to do the wash and get it put away. Housework never ends.

Another gray day. We maybe will finally get rain. Many of you around me have had a lot of rain, but we haven't had much at all.

I would love to go shopping, but should stay home and get some things done. We will see what the later part of the day brings. Have a good one. Chris

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