Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sewing to be sewing

Happy Mother's Day to all those Mothers pout there. It is a quiet day here. We all got together Thursday night and had a meal together. 
I got up early and decided I just wanted machine time today. I have handwork I have been working on, but this was a machine day for me. 

I had a tub of 1.5 inch strings that have been around forever and I have some of these fabrics in almost every quilt I have made. so I thought why not make some string blocks. I am not sure how they will be set, but I got 23 made this morning. 
Now mind you I have been sewing for 5 hours already. I think this will have tiny sashing between the blocks. I can see this as a couch quilt for Christmas gifts. 

I have another tub with more 1.5 inch strips in and maybe this afternoon I can work with them. If I get 50 done in the next couple days I will be happy. I need to start sandwiching up quilts for machine quilting. I have so many to do and they won't get done if all I do it keep making tops.

Today will be a good day to reflect on my past Mother's Days with my Mother. She is gone, but not forgotten. Hope everyone has a nice day. Chris

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sewyouquilt2 said...

hugs Chris on your first Mothers Day without Mom. She is with you in spirit. I love your strip blocks. I really need to use my strips this way.