Thursday, May 12, 2016

Cleaning instead of sewing

Today just had to be a cleaning day. I got my bedroom and the living room/dining room cleaned. It had been to long. I don't even care to say how long. Kitchen and one bathroom was yesterday. One more bathroom and the master bedroom and the extra bedroom need it to. Slowly but surely.

I have been digging into corners and going through papers and getting rid of things I just don't need to hang onto or need. Today I need to get it out of the house and to the garbage.

No rain today, but mostly cloudy. Sun is trying to break through.

Going to round up any old leftovers in the fridge and get to the garbage before I make supper.

I woke up today with a funny feeling. You know how you just feel like something is going on. Well today was my Maternal Grandmother's 110th birthday. She has been gone for a long time, but she was very influential in my life and my son's.

She was a sewer and a florist besides. She did sewing for others for years to support her girls during the depression and beyond. So I guess the sewing gene was there and I was blessed with it.

Hope you have a great evening Chris


Carol said...

My grandmother died when i was 5 so i didn't get to know her but i have been told that she sold her quilts in the local general store in the 30's to add to her income...i guess that is where i got my 'quilting gene' from also...i wish i could see her mother and aunt didn't sew that much and no quilting...

sewyouquilt2 said...

isnt it fun to be connected by our love of quilting even if we never met. I have a feeling some day we will........