Saturday, May 14, 2016

Food issues

I think I am doomed. I love to bake and cook. Well after I eat anything made with wheat in it I fill up with horrible allergy symptoms. Sinuses and all the nasty stuff that goes along with it.

I now have to rethink all the foods I put in my mouth and see if I am right before I make a Dr's appointment. Hey I might even loose some weight if I do that also.

Wheat products are even in your ice cream, deli meats, let alone pasta, breads, cakes, gravies, So meat veggies and fruits. Not pie! And I am so hungry for a fresh apple pie.

I worked as a baker for years and I really enjoy the whole process and then the eating is the best. Well not for a month and then retest my theory as to weather it is true. Cost little to do that also is safe to do.

This does not mean I am dealing with Celiacs disease. It means I am allergic to the protein in wheat. With all the allergies I have it is the most likely answer.

Water will have to be my best friend and all the vegetables and fruits I can eat. Oh my no french toast, no pizza, no cookies. I have to think this thing through.

Going in to sew with a big glass of water and see what I can get done. Chris  


sewyouquilt2 said...

many have allergies to wheat and many have used other flours to make pies cookies etc. you have to experiment for texture etc.
good luck!

Frog Quilter said...

My brother has been allergic to wheat most of his life. He manages ok. I have recently found almond flour for baking. I like to make healthy cookies that I can eat without guilt. I'm not allergic to wheat but am hypoglycemic so stick to a low carb diet.

There are many different flours available so try them. Be warned they are a little pricey. Hugs.