Thursday, May 26, 2011

3 posts today

I went out his evening after the sun came out. Been gloomy most of the day. These are the Chives. The flowers are pretty but they will have to be cut back soon. If they go to seed you have chives everywhere.

This is our porch we are making out the sliding glass door into the yard. When we moved here we spent all our extra money on the garage. So this year with me mowing the three yards I have had a little extra money to build this small porch. We have to add some dirt and mulch around the bottom and some more plants. There will be hand rails and also maybe a little canopy.

Just enough space for a couple lawn chairs and sitting on the steps. I can see some potted plants in nice pots on the steps. May get some guff over that idea.

The hose holder is a farm implement part on a post. A friend of ours makes them.

Underneath you see wood. We are going to enclose the ends with doors so we can place pots inside out of the weather during the winter. One step at a time.

Tomorrow the last three post holes get dug and cement to anchor it in the ground will be poured. Then the last step and then onto the leveling of the ground and the doors on the ends.

This is sick looking the weather the last few days has ruined the color in the blossom. We had hail and pouring rain. See the white stains on the petals.

Ok enough of me for today. I am wore out going to the lumber yard twice today and also lifting cement bags so I am going for the nightgown and the chair soon. Have a Good night. Chris ps. I cannot spell well at all.

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