Friday, May 13, 2011

Been busy and then it rained buckets

I got up early yesterday and traced this design off on tracing paper. I must not have been totally awake. The lines are a little crooked. We have been getting ready to build a little porch off the sliding glass door and we got the old steps moved and got the frame work moved out and the holes dug and almost done. When it was like the sky opened up and poured rain. It is really wet out there now.

The rail at the bottom of the picture is the sliding door railing. We have one more post to cement in and I had gone to get one more bag of post cement and the Heavens open up and rained buckets of rain at one time. I ended up getting out in it because it didn't let up and my hair is still wet hours later, but I have thick hair. I drove home could hardly see and got here to see the hole was full of water clear to the top. It is 30 inches deep. When this gets all done I will get my track in the door frame cleaned and get the carpets cleaned. I know it looks horrible now, but change is always dirty in my mind. I can't wait. It isn't deck sized but just a small porch that one chair can sit on and be nice to look at from the street. I do most of the lifting and haul because Jeff can't do it. He has done well getting all this done. Chris

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