Saturday, May 21, 2011

Not a lot of progress lots of drooling

I really have been day dreaming and not a doing a lot. Suppose to rain for 7 days straight starting this morning and yet no weather on the radar. Today I have been doing some research on different fabric costs and places I can find certain solids. We have little to no fabric available near me. Oh I read a report on Walmart the other day that they made a mistake and are going to offer fabrics in their stores again. Not that that is the kind of store I shop in, but sometimes you can find a designer fabric that was over printed and it can be used for backing fabrics.
Ok back to my research. I have looked on several online stores and I think I am more confused then before.
My grandkids got here last night and out of their mouths they went to the sewing room to see if I had made any progress cleaning it. Which I haven't touched anything in there at all on weeks. Oh yeah I cleaned of the ironing board and piled the stuff form one surface to another. Embarrassment you would think would work, but not. I do need to get in there and do some work. With all the rain coming I need to get something done even if it is just cleaning.
I do need a new purse for the summer and I have some techniques I would like to try and what a good way to try them. I also have a lot to do this next week. The once a month shopping needs to be done. Groceries and all the extra stuff we need to acquire. With the cost of gas I try and get it all done in one day and then I can stay at home and get stuff done. Boy is that a fallacy. I stay at home, but get nothing done. Today is laundry and also cleaning off my counters in the kitchen. Hopefully I can clear off the table in the sewing room and then I have a surface to work on. Goals! Chris

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