Thursday, May 26, 2011

I don't have a lightbos do you?

I don't own a light box, but I have one of the largest ones around. I have a picture window. Remember as kids you held things up to the window to trace. I did this this morning. I taped the line drawing which is on tracing paper or Architects paper and then added the fabric block to the front of it.

Make sure you pull it taught when taping the fabric over the traced image. It was cloudy today so it would show up better on a sunny day.

I try and place it on the window so I can sit in front of it and not get a distorted image. Also you can use the marker at the right angle so the ink doesn't all fall away from the tip.

I trace the outline image as I see it through the fabric. I start in the center and work my way out. The quilter in me to get a more perfect tracing I make sure my hand is on the fabric to hold it to the glass also.

I use a common marker. It is a Crayola washable marker. I find they wash out easily. Remember no iron after this point until you wash out the markings.

I plan on doing trapunto technique with the plain blocks. You can use these markers for marking quilting images or line quilting.

Here is the totally marked block. All ready for the batting and then stitching. I plan on machine stitching with washout thread on the top and bobbin thread on the bottom. As I get to the stitching and trimming I will take more pictures. Now onto tracing 4 more blocks. Chris

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Sewing Junkie said...

I can't spell. should be Light Box. Spellcheck doesn't work on the title. Shame on me.