Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We have cold weather

We have frost and more to come tomorrow. But I have plants we started from seed that need to get in the ground. I am afraid I will have to bring tomato cages inside at this rate. This is Bell Peppers and Cherry and slicing tomatoes. They are getting so tall we have tied them twice to support them.
I was a bad girl and didn't get a lot done yesterday. Well I take that back three loads of laundry some shopping and some cleaning. No sewing though. I spent most of the day on the internet. Started out with looking at a website with historic info on a proment individual from my home town.

Which ended up looking for info on relatives and finding out a lot of history on my family that I didn't know about. This is from My Mother's family. My Dad's family is hard to find. They were farmers and kept to themselves. My Mother's Family had been in the US since before 1790. My Dad's Grandfather was born in Denmark and came post Civil War time. I found out the cause of death for some of the family members and had never heard of this disease. Cholera Infantum is a childhood disease of the intestines and many times led to death in infants because of lack of knowing how to take care of it. It still happens but not as often because of more medical knowledge as to how to treat.

I also sat and I shouldn't have done that, but I looked through old quilting magazines. My niece is interested in getting some quilts from her old aunt. I was looking for some patterns I thought she might like. I sent a couple to her Mother to look at. They will be pieced and can be made in between the hand work.

Today I have to cook a meal. I have eaten leftovers for two days. Not sure what I will fix. I also need to mow the yard again. With all the rain in the last two months every third day we have to mow. They announced 10 inches in the last two months. Almost 4 inches more than normal for my little part of the US. Flooding here is better, but it is all going down stream and the poor people in Cairo, Illinois are suffering. Well about out of coffee in my coffee cup. Need to get something done. Have a Good day. Chris

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