Monday, May 30, 2011

Flower Factory

While it rained I mean poured yesterday I was going to starch and press all the seam allowances on these flowers. Well the lightening was horrible so I sat and did the basting by hand. We got company and I just kept sewing. I have garment sewn for years. I have a ton of bobbins with odd colors of thread on them. I decided instead of throwing the thread out I would use it up hand basting the pieces for the flowers. I almost emptied a bobbin just with what I did yesterday. As I said before I am cheap don't waste anything.

I got the borders cut and pressed this morning. Here is the lay out for one of them. I still have to cut stems. I will get that done today sometime. I have to cook for today and also try and see if it is dry enough to do the yard.

The borders will go fast. I hope I can get this quilt wrapped up soon. I have many more to get to this year. Hope everyone has a safe Memorial Day. Chris

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