Monday, May 23, 2011

Thought I had major problem with Blogger again

I was getting upset. I have been able for quite awhile to login and have no troubles until Blogger went down a while back. Well today I got caught again. I ran all my diagnostic cleanups and shut down computer, defraged, cleaned up cookies and restored to an earlier date. I got back on. I am still working on this block. So much for getting it done in a couple days. Tomorrow it is to the hospital for my husband. He has to get a treatment and it won't take long, but then after all the rain it is on the mower again. That is about a three hour job. My business idea is on hold for a time right now until we see how other things are going to pan out. I'm sure it will happen but not sure how soon. Maybe in the morning another stem will get stitched down. Keep stitching. Chris

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