Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Like a Kid in a Candy Store today

I ordered these two books last week and I about flipped out today because they came. It has rained most of the day and this was a nice break from the dreary weather outside. Michelle Hill's book "William Morris in Applique" is a treasure trove of old fashioned flower images. The Deborah Kemball book "Beautiful Botanicals" has such light and airy floral images. Both will get used a lot in my house. My mind got lost in designing a neat wall hanging and also a bunch of sofa pillows. I emailed my sister today and was so disappointed she hadn't read her emails, but she was doing a friend a favor today. Can't fault her for that.

I am not an agent for this company but I did get the books for 40% off. They have a lot of things on sale and I was so happy to find these two available. Off to read some more from these two authors and quilt designers. Chris

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Deborah Kemball said...

I'm so pleased that you bought my book and hope you really enjoy it! Best wishes Deborah Kemball (I happened upon your blog by coincidence!!)