Thursday, May 26, 2011

Started sewing

I hand basted the block to the batting.

This is the batting on the back. no backing just sew through the batting. I used regular thread in the bobbin.

I used the wash away thread on the top. so when it is washed it goes away.

I stitched through the major outlines of the pattern. Didn't do all the inside lines of the pattern. Just the outline. You will do the details when you quilt the whole top.

I used kids blunt ended scissors to trim the excess of batting away from the design. They will not poke through the top block to make a snip in the block.

As you can see I did stitch the center of the block basically to anchor it so it doesn't shift while handling.

I will stitch the appliqued blocks to the Trapunto blocks in a big 9 patch. Then border the 9 patch with a brown striped fabric with all the colors that are in the appliqued block. More to come. Stay tuned. Chris

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