Saturday, May 14, 2011

Outside work yesterday until it rained

We had friend come and dig the holes. Jeff had made the frame work and we finally got the last of the cement in around the posts. So much mud. We had over 1 1/2 inch rain yesterday and it rained more this morning. 90 plus degrees last week and today only about 48*F. What a change in weather. It will only be small because we don't use a deck as much as we do the yard. Now I have to redo the flowerbeds and clean up all the mud.

This is the flower bed I cleaned up last year. This last week we put the A/C in the wall in the garage. He has COPD and the humidity bothers him.

Here is the Lilac in full bloom, Smells so good.

Last Fall I thinned out the hostas and boy they are starting to take over again. They are up almost 20 inches high already.

Here is the Bleeding Heart my stepson and his wife gave me from their yard last year. It bloomed and survived the winter.

Gloomy and cold out so hopefully I can do some sewing today. My sister has big plans for me and I am not sure I am ready for the big change it would make. I will talk about it later. Chris

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Exuberant Color said...

I agree, what crazy weather. I just popped the heat on. My hostas are growing fast too. Those 3 hot days really made it happen fast. Your little deck will be nice to escape too on a nice day with a breeze. What direction does it face?