Sunday, May 1, 2011

Golly Two posts in one morning

Ok I worked this morning between washer loads of clothes. I got the trimming done and the facing turn to the back. I trimmed the excess off the back and left some of the turn under to protect the pivot points.

On to the spikey piece. The same thing I trimmed the facing piece to grade the seam and then turned under the facing.

With trimming some of the facing off the back you leave less bulk to have to quilt through.

I layered the pieces seeing in reverse. Closest to you on top of the next piece until the flower is complete. Then applique the whole flower onto the block.

Many times they tell you to sew down the farthest piece away from you, but I am trying to assemble the flowers before they are appliqued down. This all needs pressing which I will do after I assemble the top and the major handling is complete. Two more to make and then on to the trapunto pieces. Still not sure of the borders of the rest of the overall look of the quilt. I can sit and daydream while stitching away. Chris

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