Saturday, August 27, 2011

Baking is done and potatoes all peeled

I made 30 # of potato salad and made 52 cupcakes and 4 pans of bar cookies. I am up at 5am and having coffee and off in a little while to cook 70# of beef for this event. I have to drive 32 miles to get to the Fire Department it is at and then unload and get the meat started.
Coffee to make and ice to chill the soda and the water. I am tired just thinking about all this.
About Noon the tables will go up for the buffet style lines and the food will be consumed in 20 minutes and it took three days to buy make and cook all of it. Seems like a lot of work for no more time than it takes to consume it. Oh well as long as they are fed and like it that is all I care about. Will take pictures of the crowd. Later Chris

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