Sunday, August 14, 2011

What was I thinking

I think I am either an idiot or to frugal. I had all these small pieces and I tried to make this all by hand. I have worked on it off and on while at Dr.'s appointments.

As you can see they are small pieces and I think they are 2 in. pieces. There are three for every hexie. It is using up small stuff. I think a lap quilt or a table topper not sure yet.

This one is done all but the backing and quilting. 80 X 87 inches. I will be glad when this one is done. The small pieces in this one used a lot of scraps up. I really must be nuts. I guess I don't care for all the big block patterns. They are attractive to look at , but I like the challenge of making it small. Chris


Katie M. said...

I keep thinking I need to use up my small scraps. I get started on something, then get frustrated working with all that small stuff! I've threatened myself that I'm just going to throw all my small stuff away and never save another scrap. Then I go look at the scrap bin, and can't bear to let those little pieces go - I think I'm ill :-)

Hettie said...

You are so much braver than I could ever be - all those tiny bits - amazing!!