Thursday, August 25, 2011

Yardwork and sewing

Yesterday was a very full day. My monthly shopping and bill paying day and also yard work. I was really tired last night.
Listening to the news is depressing. I have family in the hurricane's way and not just in Florida also on the coast. We live in the Midwest and we are suppose to have nice weather all because of the hurricane.
Today and tomorrow I have lots of baking and cooking to do. Cookies and brownies and cupcakes for all these guys and the seminar. Then potato salad for 60 plus people. Haven't heard if I have to serve also. Guess I need to ask about that.
What mother's won't do to help their kids. LOL Well the coffee is done so I need about two pots to get going today. Take care Chris Umm..... blogger won't let me add pictures today

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