Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kitchen smells Wonderful!

Canning time of the year has started here. I didn't get the green beans the bugs got them. But I have Tomatoes and peppers. My counter was full and they were ready to be cooked and now the process has started. The stewed tomatoes will turn into sauce when I get done with them. This has been a funny year for vegetable gardens. Some things just didn't do well. The cucumbers didn't do anything and last year I was giving them away I had so many.

The smell is heavenly in the kitchen. Nothing like a pot of tomatoes onions and pepper cooking.
As soon as this this thicker and reduced some I will run it through a food mill and get the seeds out and can them.
The sauce will be great for soups and spaghetti sauce this next winter. Plus it is so filled with all the vitamins and stuff we need to keep healthy. Chris
PS. All that work and only 3 quarts of sauce came from all that. It is in the canner and waiting for it to boil. Chris

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