Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Doing it again being a cut up........

Cut cut sew sew. Scraps galore are being whipped into shape and piles are going down. I have been getting up early and cutting and sewing in the quiet.

This time of year I hate the TV. My husband has trouble hearing and with the A/C running and the TV at the highest decibles imaginable I like sitting in quiet in the mornings before the sun comes up. These are 1 3/4 inch squares in a 9 patch and 3 3/4 inch squares cut diagonally to make this block. not a lot of fabric and small when done. But they are attractive when sashed with a darker fabric. I made one last year and the kids all try and grab it when they are here. So thought I would make another one and have it on hand for sleep overs. That way the other one won't wear out as fast. Funny it isn't just the little kids that want it the big kids try and grab it too. We have a Dr's appointment today hopefully the feeding tube will come out soon. It would sure make our day to hear that bit of news. Chris

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