Saturday, August 6, 2011

No sewing weeding instead and enjoy the flowers along the way

This is the first of this Rose of Sharon's flowers

We have had so much rain and the weeds are taking over. The Trumpet vine went nuts. I think it is going to be history this Summer.

The Grape Hyacinth Bean is doing well waiting on blooms to come.

Look at the weeds. The tomatoes are dying. The heat was so hard on the plants. Even though we watered it fried the plants.

This is more Grape Hyacinth Bean vines.

Some of the peppers are turning red, They had so many weeds around them I was surprised they survived.

The old fashioned Rose of Sharon and the Black eyed Susans are in full bloom. We pulled 5 1/2 55 gallon garbage bags of weeds out so far. My hand hurt and my muscles are screaming at me. The green beans died in the garden and didn't produce. The cucumbers have only produced 2 cukes and we replanted them. The rabbits ate all the beets so nothing to can. Not been a good garden year accept for the weeds growing. I could win a prize for the amount of weeds I had. Finally got 2/10 of an inch of rain today. Wanted to do more weeding and separating today but to muddy. Maybe will clean and sew a few seams. Chris

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