Monday, August 1, 2011

What are your favorite things?

Wait, Wait, this isn't the Oprah show. I wanted to know what are your favorite quilting things.
Favorite scissors,machine, cutting tools, rulers, iron or anything else that makes you happy when you use it.
My Favorite quilting tool is scrappy stash. I would be lost without all the small pieces and the yardage I have.
Another question, Do you love to quilt more than anything else? Well maybe almost anything else.
I like the time to reflect and do something myself without interruption. I get up early and try to sew without my husband awake. I am a caregiver and the alone time is important to me. Some things I don't mind doing while he is around, but the quilting time in the morning is my time and
my soul is nourished from all the seams and the cutting I do.
I am anxious to hear what your favorite quilting things are. Chris


Katie M. said...

My favorite quilting thing is my Tin Lizzy. Once I'm using that I know I'm at the home stretch and I'll soon have a completed quilt!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

My favorite quilting thing is my Bernina! My hubby gave it to me as a surprise Christmas gift 7 years ago.