Saturday, August 27, 2011

This is where I was at today

I was at the Fire Station all morning and through the lunch hour. This is one of the bays with a truck and ambulance stored inside. The rest were moved out to make room for the tables and chairs.

Here is where the gear is stored for the guys and gals. The rack holds the gear all ready for each firefighter. The pants are already over the boots so they can jump into them. The fluorescent tape really reflects in the camera flash. This is one of the bays that is set up for this seminar. Normally it holds two trucks and extra gear. The Italian beef was cooking in the back and it was driving them nuts while it was cooking. The smell was wonderful.

After the breakfast of breakfast pizza and donuts orange juice coffee and milk was over with several stood out in front to stretch their legs.

This is towards the end of the long line for lunch. Italian beef sandwiches and potato salad, Italian noodle salad, brownies, bar cookies and cupcakes. Everyone said it was awesome. It makes me feel good when I can see the food disappearing fast. Some came back for seconds and thirds. There was plenty of food.

It was a beautiful day and the speaker was really in tune with the age group and funny. Makes a long seminar go good when you can enjoy the speaker.

I am home and the dished done up as far as I could go. I heard many thanks and very nice comments about the food. I did part of it and my son and a friend of his helped. I am wore out now and I forgot to eat can you imagine. Chris

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Exuberant Color said...

I'm glad your long day is over now. I bet it was great watching them all enjoy the food.