Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Getting a Christmas gift finished

Yes I know who wants to talk about Christmas in Aug when the heat is so up there none of us can breathe. Well time is slipping away and I have this urge to get something done so I can say I am not doing things the last minute. LOL I will be I am sure. I found this piece of all places Walmart. It is a Thomas Kincaid print for Disney. Beautiful feel to it. I know look sometimes while in your Walmart and you can find some good deals. The grandson's name is Sage and he is turning 13 in a few days. He wants a quilt for his bed. I feel honored to think he wants a quilt. I plan on using the green for sashing and the corner stones in the brown and the borders in red and brown with a final being the green.

This is scrappy blocks I made this last Winter and Spring and I wanted to get it to a completed top. Next I need to start looking for backing and get it finished. As I get a couple rows sewn together I will update you on the progress. Today is lawn day. So I will be wore out before I start thinking about it.

We had heat index of 120*F yesterday and I wasn't about ready to go out and have a coronary over some grass. Cooler today so it will get done. Lots of breaks with the heat and gallons of water. Take care. Chris

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