Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas giving gifts is all about the little ones

Jeff and I gave ourselves a gas log fireplace insert for Christmas. It was delivered yesterday and he had all the prep work done so he installed it for use last night. We really like our gift to ourselves. Neither one of us like the work with a wood burning fireplace anymore. Also in case of power outage we have a heat source this way because it can be lit manually. 

The little ones make Christmas. She was very careful to hand someone the paper as it ripped. She was so overwhelmed with all the commotion she became very bashful at times. She got to sit at the big table with the other kids. She went to the older boys and let them carry her around, but Uncle Todd wanted to hold her and she was teasing him and wouldn't go to him. They were tired when they left last night.    

Kate's first Christmas. Grandma got her a rattle she can hang onto and she was trying to chew on it. It made a rattling sound and she played with it for quite awhile. She is recovering from a cold, but was pretty good natured even though she was sick. They got a short video of her laughing for the first time yesterday which was priceless. They change everyday when they are this age. She was sure watching everyone as they moved through the room.

Hope all of you have a Merry Christmas. Chris

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Katie M. said...

Merry Christmas, Chris.