Wednesday, December 10, 2014

It is Christmas time and I want

I have been browsing the Internet for a new sewing machine. I want a new one, but I already have five sewing machines. Three of them are strictly straight stitch. Two have zig-zag, but really not anything fancy.

With two little girls to sew for I would like a fancier machine. Wishful think probably. My Mom sewed dresses for me on a Featherweight I still have. Seems like it can be done, but I want.

I really would like a machine with the larger opening to quilt with, but maybe an embroidery/sewing machine. I have heard stories of machines not working well doing both functions. One company said if you embroidered more than 600 hours you had to upgrade the machine. Well does this mean 600 total sewing hours or just embroidery. That wouldn't be more than 2 hours everyday which can happen fast.

Of course the money part is a scary thing also. I have paid 1500 dollars for a machine over 30 years ago and it ended up in the landfill about 12 years ago. I wore the machine out.

The next thing is will I use it or not? I think I am going to go looking locally to two stores in the area and compare. Any suggestions? What machine is your favorite?  Chris


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

You might want to consider getting a machine that has been traded in by the previous owner. The cost would be less and then you will have an idea if you like a machine with all the fancy features.

Katie M. said...

Chris, I have 12 machines ranging from treadles to very costly combination sewing/embroidery machines (3 of those). My favorite machine for sewing is my Kenmore Elite Ergo (also embroiders) which I actually bought off eBay in 2005. I can't begin to tell you how many hours of embroidery has been done on that machine and countless hours of sewing - it's been to the shop once for routine maintenance (I'm pretty good at maintaining my machines myself...) Now my most costly machine is a Babylock Ellegante that I also bought in 2005 because of all the features and it will embroider up to a 7 X 12 design.. It is sitting in it's case awaiting a visit to the repair as it froze up on me. The Babylock was replaced once and does a great job of embroidery - the sewing quite frankly sucks on it and I've had it to the repair shop more than a few times.... So with all that said, I absolutely love machine embroidery and would be lost without an embroidery machine. I also use decorative stitches on my granddaughters clothing and other things. I do use my Featherweight and my other 'older' machines on occasion, but, again, I would miss all my 'fancy' stitches if I didn't have them....