Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Lots of commotion going on

Yesterday morning woke at 4:20 am with all kinds of red lights going on. There was a fire in the neighborhood and it was really close. No one was hurt, but the family lost everything just before Christmas. They have family close so they have someplace to stay. After Fire Marshall and the Sheriff's department came and went several times yesterday they boarded the house up last evening.Yesterday was this little ones day to be with Grandma. Her Mother came to visit and she went visiting with an elderly neighbor here. She has a pretty good day other than she slipped in the slick floor in her stocking feet as she was running and smacked her face pretty good, but she got over it pretty quick.

Grandpa likes a challenge. He goes to the garage on the days when there is a visit going on. So I pulled out a vintage well almost 19 year old sewing machine that my Mother had and he worked on it. The machine is a zig-zag Pfaff and it wouldn't do zig-zag. We had it to three Pfaff dealers and they claimed they couldn't get it to work. It would only straight stitch. So the challenge was to get it working. Couldn't be any worse than what it was. By the end of the afternoon it is all cleaned oiled and working fine. He said as much lint and crude that was in the machine that the dealers never even looked at it and charge good money to do nothing.
Sad part is they are suppose to be an Authorized repair service and they do nothing but charge you. We can't go back on them because it was so long ago and we just let it set. It is a basic stretch stitch machine, but it has the mechanical walking foot on it. So I really would like to use it for that purpose.  

The other project has been knitting. I am making stocking caps to match the scarves I have knitted. Repeating the texture to match the scarf. This one is in the process. Doing it on 4 needles in the round. Today I'm going to go get some dark gray yarn to make a couple more. I have been using yarn I had here and the selection is getting limited for the quantity I need to do scarves and hats to match. Also I need to find wrapping paper and get that project started.

Autumn will be here over night on Thursday because Friday morning we go and meet the two older kids. She will be so excited to see them. They can come back here until the adults are done with a couple things that are going on. She will be so happy to see them as will Grandpa and me also. So my Christmas will start early, but that is the fun part of having kids around.

Hope all of you are having a good time with Family and Friends. Chris

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