Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I'm here

I know nothing seems to interest me of late. Did some returns today and a little shopping. Had to calm the old man down. We are putting a gas log insert in our fireplace so we don't have to burn wood, but have the heat in case the electricity goes out. which that happened a couple years ago and we were in the cold for 19 hours, but we burned wood then.

Some of the parts for it came yesterday and it was very unclear the directions. So my husband thought the parts weren't all there. After a phone call and the person on the other end told my husband he didn't know what he was doing I left for the place and got it resolved. My husband did know and we found out again after poorly written directions the part is in the other part of the order we haven't received. It will be in two weeks from today.

So today was a stressed filled day. Also dealt with my son and his moodiness. When a mother our stress never ends.

I'm sitting and watching TV tonight so I can relax before bed. I fought with my bed last night and would rather not do that again tonight.

Hope all your sewing dreams are coming true. Chris

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