Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas sewing lists for next year

Yes still trying to get ideas. I have come up with several, but need to finalize so I have a buying list to look for things.

1. Flannel for pj bottoms
2. felt for busy books for the two little ones
3, purse and tote bag materials, zippers, batting and also interfacing.
4. look for ric-rac, ribbons, buckles, buttons, colored zippers,purse magnetic snaps and velcro

Yes trying to keep my mind open to all supplies and get them if they are on closeouts or on sale.

Spring clothing lists for the girls

Short or bottom weight fabrics for shorts for Autumn. Potty training time so we need several changes.

Kate needs summer bubbles. Have to make them because she is so long in the body. Altering patterns for her or else two piece outfits.

Need to clean the machines and get the iron cleaned up because many things to make.

Looked on line for pattern downloads for kids clothing and found several ideas to use the basic pattern pieces I have and update them with a ruffle or a pocket. Be inventive and create until I have several items for each little girl. Need to use fabric for like outfits, but different items.  

Grandma is going to be busy. Birthdays will be approaching fast.

I am off to bake cookies today. Chris.

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