Monday, December 1, 2014

Procastinating big time

Been sitting and knitting instead of sewing and quilting. You ask WHY? Well I have no desire to do it. It will come back. I have decided no quilted items for Christmas presents. Just to much pressure. 

The dark gray days haven't helped. Today need to go out and do some bargain shopping. We are giving money to the older Grand kids because I don't know what to get them and also I can't afford the big prices for some of the things they want. 

I use to give gift cards then they wouldn't have enough to get what they wanted. So cash is the best for my kids. 

I have knitted almost all the extra yarn I have laying around.  Which helps with the storage issue. I have been looking for 100% cotton yarn that is finer than the Peaches and Cream brand. I had some years ago from Red Heart brand yarn. I like the weight of washcloths it makes over the other brand yarn. I think I will go on a mission to find the finer yarn. May have to order online. 

Not had a lot going on. Maybe I should get busy. Chris

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Katie M. said...

knitting is busy! I sew at Christmas. I used to make the whole pajama / night gown thing now I do the pajama pants and buy long sleeve T's to match. Goes quickly and the kids like them. My most ambitious project this year is making my 'almost' 5 year old granddaughter the Anna (from Frozen) coronation gown. I think she has all the other Disney Princess gowns that her dad has got her.