Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sick baby

Everyone in the house has had a cold and cough. Well she now has it. Of course no meds for one this small. So after about 6 hours in bed I took her to the living room and placed er in the sling chair with the back elevated. She has slept another 4 hours and still snoozing. Short of me sitting up with her it was the easiest thing to do. So if you know someone with a little one that is sick. I learned the hard way. Chris

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Terry Roberson said...

She looks so snug in her blanket! Oh, and I hope she wasn't too fussy and out of sorts during her illness back then. After all, a sick baby is rarely a happy baby! How is she these days anyway? I hope everyone in the family was able to quickly get rid of that bug. Thanks for sharing and take care!

Terry Roberson @ MedCare Pediatric