Sunday, December 7, 2014

It is slipping away to fast

Where is December and this year going? Soon it will be 2015.....
Yesterday was a blur. Autumn was here and before we got her back home she ended up getting sick. She hasn't ever thrown up before and she was scared to death. Grape juice everywhere. So We spot treated the carpet last night and I went at it again this morning. Maybe will have to get the steam cleaner out and do carpets this week.

So our supper was late and we both were tired. I went to bed and this morning found a few more things like a table topper that got soiled also. So the laundry is going and the surfaces got cleaned off good.

I think it was just a fluck but she ate steak and corn went she went home. Amazing how kids get sick and get over it so easy.

Knitting happening and cleaning are the order of business today. Chris

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Katie M. said...

just a thought here Chris.. Does it upset Autumn when she has a visit with her biological mother? Might be the reason for the unstable stomach...