Saturday, December 20, 2014

ok head start on next year

I started lists in my head for next year. Pj bottoms have been mentioned by my grandson. He like the flannel kind to lounge in. So that is on the list. Thought about short flannel bottoms also.

I think I have some Shrek fabric left for that. He would get a kick out of that. Nightgowns for the girls, the little girls. Autumn will like that. Need to start looking for flannel on closeouts. Maybe find some good deals.

I spent sometime on the web today and got some ideas for summer clothes for the little ones. Autumn will be potty training this summer and she will need some more changes of clothing for awhile. So thought about coordinating tops and shorts, but make two pair of shorts to match the outfit. So in case of accident wouldn't have to change everything.

Will look into easy short pattern in her size and then make tons of them. I have pieces of solid denim and cotton woven bottom weight fabric and 1/2 a yard is more than enough to make her size. I'm storing it so might as well use it up.
Need to buy elastic mine is so old I'm sure it isn't worth anything. Elastic does have a shelf life. The elements does play havoc on the quality of it after time.

have to go tot he hardware store today to get some plumbing parts. We have a gas log set on order and suppose to be warmer today to get the gas line plumbed. We are not going to burn wood anymore. To much smoke and also the storage of wood and hauling it isn't in the cards anymore. Light a match to have the fireplace burning is more up my alley. Also if the electricity goes out we can manually light it and have some warmth.

Going into the sewing room in a minute to measure and shorten more drapes.  Last set for now. Then laundry and my kitchen floor is a disaster area . Still don't know what I'm cooking for Christmas Eve. That is coming real quick. Chris

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Katie M. said...

I have been sewing jammies for Christmas for my g-kids for as long as I've had them and before that my kids. One year I decided on something different and I got "where's my jammies?" When I mentioned I thought they might be getting bored with them I was told that it was different fabrics and different styles that they looked forward to as well as the jammies themselves. My daughter still looks for a new nightgown every couple years - go figure!