Friday, December 19, 2014

Frustrated with myself

Christmas is almost here and I'm not in the mood. So much commercialism and it means nothing to families if they can't be together.

I had such great plans to make extra things for the family members and got nothing of it done. I shouldn't beat myself up, but it feels like I'm not prepared.

I guess I need to start on my lists for net year as soon as they family leaves Christmas eve. Next year will get here fast.

Today warmed my heart. I took Autumn with me to meet Taylor and Derek. Their other grandparents brought them to meet me. She misses them so much and she got this look of disbelief on her face then a huge smile. She was so happy to see them and she played so hard. She was so funny and showing off for them.  

The last time the kids were home the baby Kate was only 6 days old. She is almost 3  months old now and changed completely.  She will be held non-stop for about nine days and then the adjustment to normal life again.

Time for family and memories. Chris

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Sewing Junkie said...

My frustration maybe is more than I have experienced. This is why the holidays are hard for me. Never feel like it is enough. I know not to compete because money wise I can't. I really dislike the whole holiday thing when it comes to gifts. The true meaning of the Christmas season is more than just giving a gift.