Friday, May 5, 2017

Digging for fabric and found some tops

This is a top my Mother pieced. I look at this picture and I am still cutting fabric that she used in this top.
It is a good sized twin. Could be a full size if I added some borders. Lots of stitching in this one. They are 5 inch blocks in this top. 

This is the kaleidoscope quilt I made about 6 years ago. No I haven't quilted it. It is about 110 X 110 inches. I need to buy enough for the back for this one. Maybe I can find a wide backing fabric and use one piece. My husband is using the table I use to sandwich the quilts. He has a 1000 piece puzzle in the works. 

This is how I finished off the borders for this quilt. I had help with the fabric in this one. Wanda from "Exuberant Color" sent me a box of scraps she didn't want to use. I think it mostly got used in this quilt.  I enjoyed using different fabric to make this. 

Made BBQ Chicken on the grill for supper and came inside to relax a little. I have not been on my A Game today. Some good days and some bad ones. Chris

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Frog Quilter said...

The tops you have uncovered are gorgeous!