Sunday, May 21, 2017

To do or not to do

I recently bought some neutral fabrics and I should wash them because of my allergies. I know this is an age old argument. But do you prewash? Or do you sew and wash afterwards? Also do you use chemicals or Dawn or Color Guard Sheets?

I have tried two of the methods. Prewash with Dawn and also the sheets. I have this bottle of chemical, but afraid of it. My grandkids are allergic to a lot of things also. I think the Dawn or the sheets are my options. 

I use the sheets anyway if I wash a quilt because if you knew how much dye released even after multiple washings you would be surprised.   

Growing so fast and the teeth are really getting to her. She chews on everything and yet she isn't fussy. She is a good baby. 

Trying to get my act together because my allergies are on overdrive right now. With all the wind and trees blooming it is pure HECK!

Hope you have a good day. Chris

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