Monday, May 8, 2017

mindless sewing

In between sewing strings for the Disney Character blocks I decided to sew some 9-patches. The iron is on and the squares are cut. Not sure how far this will go. I started out with 40 of them done. I now have 108 finished. 

I do this with 4-patches also. I have been cutting a lot of fabric and as I get to the end of the strips I have a piece that is to short for the size I was cutting. So 2 inch and 2 1/2 inch squares are cut and thrown into a tub. When it gets full I get them out and keep on sewing. 

I think I have 200 4-patches sewn together waiting for an inspiration to use the up. I think I have got the plan for those, but wanted to get the strings made first. 

I made all those strings and pieced block and now that I have it 95 % sewn I am not sure I like it. I have it sitting there and maybe I will get back to it. The elements in the quilt can be used in other places. 

Up before the chickens were awake this moring. So it will be a different day. I am sure a nap will be needed. Have a Good Day. Chris 

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