Saturday, May 27, 2017

Visiting the old ones

I visit every night. It has been on my bed for 15 years. I really need to get something else made for my bed. 

This has really held up well. It is washed and place right back on the bed. 

I use d a 100% cotton batting in it and it keeps nice. 
I read an article from a quilter that said the quilts that wear have polyester batting on them. It doesn't work well with the cotton fabric and cuts the back of the cotton fiber down with the pulling in the quult while in use. I had never heard that before. Can't prove it by me.

I use 80-20 cotton/polyester a lot and 100% cotton. I would like to work with a wool batt one day, but will have to have the right quilt to spend the money difference. 

Been strange day. Foggy this morning and very humid. Sun is out now. Made a cke and waiting for it to cool. Washed three loads of clothes and took my husband for a belt for the lawnmower. Now to fold all the clothes and then to get a backing stitched and pressed to sandwich a crumb/crazy top that is finished.

Have a nice and safe holiday. Chris

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