Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Not real productive

I did get  a quilt top sandwiched and started quilting it. It is a crumb/crazy quilt. 

I use my deco stitches on my machine to do the machine quilting. I paid for the stitches I might as well use them.

I took this picture, but the lighting wasn't real great, but you can see how I have been stitching the small pieces. It is a slow process, but the outcome is attractive. 

I have done a lot of picking up and dusting. i will run the vac, but don't get around to dust. I have done ceiling fans and dresser tops and TV screens. How do they get so dirty? I think  they are like magnets for dirt in the air. 

Going to do laundry and stay busy today. Maybe a little bit of sewing on this quilt. .I really need to get more machine quilting done and not so much piecing. Chris

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