Sunday, May 7, 2017

Still digging out

No not snow or mud from a mud slide, but fabric is still everywhere. When we replace all the carpeting and the flooring things got shoved everywhere. I am still finding things that are out of place. Like three tubs of fabric and quilt parts all in the extra bedroom. I decided today was the day.

One good thing happened I found my OTT lite I was looking for. So I feel better about that. Now to find new homes for all the stuff I found.

I cut fabric for abiut 4 hours yesterday. I sewed some yesterday afternoon, but I need to go back in and keep at it. I have a plan for this afternoon.

I can have the use of the dininr room table again and I want to sandwich a small quilt. If it is sandwiched and ready then I can maybe do it off and on between other things. 

I really need to take my machine out of the cabinet and take it apart and get it all cleaned up. I dust it out and oil it, but I know more gets down in it than what I can reach with my little brush. 

Beautiful day here. Chris

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Julierose said...

Must be in the air--I spent the better part of my morning shifting things around and and making more room...hugs, Julierose