Friday, May 12, 2017

Little of this and not much of that

Today was a different day. The girls were here for a couple hours and so nothing got done, but helping them. Trying to teach them how to cut with scissors. Little paper scraps everywhere, but they both are doing it quite well. The baby was good so she played on the floor with toys for quite awhile. 
This evening I had a need to sew and my husband and I don't like the same TV show so I went into the sewing room.

I made several 9-patches and this tub of scraps from cutting strips was sitting there so I thought what can I do with them. On the Blog Crazy mom quilts she makes scrap Vortex blocks/slabs from left overs. So I turned on the iron and started sewing these small pieces. I squared them up to make rows. Each is different widths and then made sure the block was squared up. Over time I can make enough of these for baby quilts.

The other thing they would make is tote bags, potholders, mug rugs etc, The good part about it they will hold your interest because they will all be different. Just another way to use up scraps.


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