Thursday, May 11, 2017

No sewing just Cuteness

The girls came to visit. Well for us to watch. Dad was working and Mom had lots to do today. 

Charleigh is 4 months old now. She would not nap unless she was held or had a bottle in her mouth. Spoiled.

We have a modified Jeep that grandpa put a lawnmower battery in to run it. It goes forever. But we also go a red wagon that is pulled behind now. They had a ball playing outside. 

Autumn drives and Katie rides. No sewing happened while they were here. Oh yes they are coming tomorrow while Mom goes for a post baby/surgery appt. So it won't be as long. 

The weather was beautiful today and it was typical Spring weather. I can really like these type of days. Chris

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Julierose said...

Ohhh how cute are sweet. ENJOY--they only stay little for such a short time...hugs, Julierose