Sunday, May 14, 2017

More scrap ideas

Happy Mother's Day to everyone. This is a Tree Peony my sister bought me a couple years ago. The flowers are the size of a pie plate. It got broke off during window replacement so wasn't sure it would come back. 

Here are two of the Scrap Vortex from Crazy Mom Quilts blog. I will work on more when I start sewing again next week. It is a quick way of using up small pieces. 

This is another block, but it has y seams. So not as fast as the other blocks previously shown. If y seams don't intimidate you then it is a neat block. I made two to see if I liked it. 

Today I am cooking. Fried chicken and BBQ chicken on the grill. Loaded hashbrowns and lettuce layer salad. I also have pink frosted soft sugar cookies. They are made with sour cream. Not fancy, but filling. 

Hope everyone will have a Nice Mother's Day. Chris

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