Monday, March 7, 2011

Been busy

Every time he isn't sure about what to do with the latest birdhouse I get beeped on the intercom system on our phone. so I put on a coat and shoes and go out to the garage. Then on the way back in I am trying to carry in an armful of firewood for the fireplace. We are trying to burn it all up before summer and the bugs are around. He doesn't have any design patterns for these. He sits and tries to figure everything out then goes back and changes things and then doesn't like it.
He never likes the finished product. He always says I made mistakes. Hey when I quilt I learn something new each time I make a different quilt.

He then paints and stains. Yesterday his Parkinson's Disease must have been pretty good because he painted all the brown trim on the birdhouse. May take him all day to do it, but it gives him a purpose. There is so little he can do anymore he gets frustrated. He loves to do finish carpentry, but the time element and the disease make it hard.

See even the back has detail in the trim and the different center section. It isn't all flat. This is a four apartment apartment house. He is going to ask about $200 for this one. I think it took 4 days to complete. The top dwelling has a clean out tray that can dump into the bottom and the bottom comes off to clean the whole house out. But we have birds that stay year round in our house so some haven't been cleaned since they were put up. He is running out of wood so maybe in the next few days we can find some more. Chris

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Renée's Country Quilts said...

Your husband is very talented, and I Pray he has more good days than bad to pursue, what he loves doing, and is so very good at. I love the birdhouse. I love wood work, and the talented people who still make things by hand.. so much better than store bought! What a blessing!
Thank You for sharing!