Saturday, March 5, 2011

UFO getting closer to the finish line

Here are some more of the Sampler blocks I got stitched up yesterday. I have one more pieced block to stitch together and the applique medallion to make. Then the sashing and the borders and it will be closer to the finish line. After sitting most of the day I did get up and vacuum the living room. It really had threads all over. I need to dust today. I striped and remade two beds yesterday and five loads of laundry.

Last night I got more of this purse stitched together. Today maybe the rest of it will get cut out and stitched together. The purse is for a surprise gift for my neighbor. This is the front and the flap for the purse.

This is the back side of the purse. She loves flowers and I had appliqued them on the denim. IF I make anymore I need to find a better way to get the applique done. My hands from working on the denim are tired. I think I am going to work with the machine applique. The blind hem stitch and I might become good friends.

I am only making the purses for friends and family. I decided the amount of work I wasn't really getting a whole lot of money for my time. So if the machine technique works to my liking I might get more done. Been trying to get in better shape for outside work which is coming soon. My progress is really slow. I need a little warmer weather to walk. I did quite a bit the other day, but the weather changed again. I am being forced to find a way to do this without adding to the National Debt. The gas prices to go walk in an enclosed area is eating into my budget so I need to get out in the fresh air and keep up the effort. It is 34*F out right now and I am sure with the winds we have it is close to 20*F windchill . The air will take your breath away.


Bren said...

Have you ever seen a Leslie Sansone walking dvd? They are wonderful for those days where it is too cold or rainy to walk outside.
Your UFO is shaping up! I can't wait to see the finished top. The applique on the purse is beautiful!!! I wish I could make purses!

Exuberant Color said...

You are right, it is way too chilly to go out and walk. We have had snow flurries all morning after a day in the 50's.