Thursday, March 10, 2011

This is looking like a Quilt

Major stitching has been done. Borders are assembled and rows stitched together. Pressing is going to take about an hour to get everything ready to sew into a Quilt. This Sampler is beginning to become something that looks like a quilt. Here is the parts I have assembled. It is a lot more stitching to get all the rows and borders ready for the finished quilt. I have stitched pressed and more pressing. It is a bold look for me. As I said it was a purchase my Cousin made and she didn't make it. She sent them to my Mother last year and Mom gave me this one because more of the colors I use.
I did find an error in the instructions. The size of the applique piece was not printed correctly and that threw me off for a bit. Then I measure the pre cut border pieces and found out I had to trim to make it fit. So the old saying about Reading the instructions when all else fails isn't always right. Read them but use your head to think it out too. More pictures will follow as I get this done in the next couple days. I have to help my husband paint some birdhouses today. Chris

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

That is stunning, Chris! WOW!! I love the colors...