Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Medallion is done but the pressing

Here is the medallion. It needs pressing and I am putting that on hold until I get some more housecleaning done
This is the first I have done the machine stitching with the blind hem for the applique. I guess it went ok. I am a hand appliquer and I am not sure the look is ok yet. Will have to grow on me. This is the center of a quilt that will get a lot of use so I decided I would try the technique on this one. It was a kit that was given to me so I thought why not. I did make the applique pieces using the freezer paper method and also the starch and iron method both. I wanted the seam allowance so I would get a better wear for the quilt.

Wanda, From Exuberant Color suggested thin thread. I used 50wt. but maybe should have used 60wt. embroidery thread. Well I started with the 50wt. and finished with it.
Live and learn.

My steadiness with the machine and guiding it has a lot to be desired. I need to practice more on that. But as my Grandmother use to say "Never be seen on a galloping Horse." From a distance you can't tell it is done by machine. First try not to bad. But practice, practice, practice ! Chris

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