Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Here is how I did it

The curvy borders look hard but not to bad to do. They have a bias piping on the raw edge on the surface of the appliqued pieces.
Here is the detail on the corner when it is finally sewn down. I did this by hand to get the shape to lay flat. This is the seam on the back so you can see I trimmed the excess off the back of the overlap from the edge on the front. this way less bulk to quilt through.

Here is what I did for my shape. I cut a piece of freezer paper and folded it in half. then I laid it on the fold of the fabric and cut my shape out to be the border.

I then cut bias strips about 1 inch wide and used postage twine as the rope in the inside of the sewn bias strips.

As you can see I leave some of the twine showing so I know the twine is out to the edge of the pipping.

Here it is all sewn and ready to stitch on the curved edge.

As you can see the curved edge looks like it is ruffling some but because it is bias it will conform to the curved edge.

Now that it is sewn on it is laying on the front side of the border we need to get it folded to the back.

Clip the raw edge almost to the sewn edge of the piping. This gives it the ease to be pressed to the back to lay flat.

Ready to be pressed I lay it flat on the ironing board which looks like it needs replacing. Can you see I use it alot. LOL

Fold under the seamed pieces and press the rolled piping to the top of the border.

See how nice it lays after you press the clipped bias edge to the back of the border. Now you have a nice edge to sew onto the appliques pieces. This can be done on pillowcases or apron hems so many applications.

Here is the final look. Yes all of it needs a good press, but I do that upside down on a towel and spritz the piece to be pressed. Don't lay the iron on the quilt top but hold over it to prevent creases that never seem to come out.

The borders make the look more feminine I think. I plan on a center medallion of some kind and then onto quilting. April 1st is coming fast. Any questions feel free to email me. Chris


Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

Stunning project! And so nice of you to take the time to share it.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. My non-rant was about people who say in one breath they have 432 UFO's and in the next leap on to their next project. As I said, none of my business :)

Bren said...

So if I had read down further, I would have seen how you did the piping...LOL
STUNNING!! I love the affect. It really made the piece stand out even more! The appilique is just beautiful. This looks like a fun quilt to work on!