Tuesday, March 1, 2011

No sewing Painting and staining instead

Have been busy in the garage and not sewing. Well you can see the freezer paper box on the table. Have traced off some applique pieces, but haven't done anything else with it. This is a Squirrel feeder. Instead of a corn cob on a screw it is a holder that opens and they can get out corn from it.
Jeff made the details look real. It has a hinge to open the lid. Also the TP holder was an after thought. To Cute! I wish that we can get a squirrel picture on the feeder. It makes it look neat if you have something to show what it is suppose to work and be like.

He made a comment he was running out of wood. There are more out in the garage and I need to take some more pictures. Tomorrow I will make another delivery to the Landscaping showroom to get there showroom filled up. Hopefully these all sell. Went through old pictures of the garden and flower beds last year and I so want them to look that nice again. Tired of snow and bare ground. Been looking at a book on mulch gardening and the want to get my hands dirty again is really and urge that is over powering right now. Cabin Fever has hit me and I hate that feeling. Have a lot of errands today. Suppose to be sunny and 39*F . Chris

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Hettie said...

Love your new blog background!!