Sunday, February 27, 2011

Should have finished post before I posted it

Here are the pictures of the egg noodles in the process. I made two batches and rolled each batch out seperately. This is the first batch. I roll it out as thin as I want it. I prefer more of a dumpling like noodle so mine are 1/4in to 3/8 in. thick.
Roll it up into a long log and then cut it into the size noodles you prefer. A pasta roller can be used also to get a thinner noodle. I cut the slices and then I unroll them and leave them on the counter to dry most of the time.

I do like them fresh and placed in the pot with a boiling roll to the liquid. This is two batches as I make them. You could get more mileage out of a thinner rolling. They are very good in my book.
My Mother use to make them and she would use so much of her shoulder muscles making then she threatened to wrap it in foil and take it out to the garage floor and roll over it with the car tires. This makes a softer dough but a good flavor. I know some day my recipe is going to fall apart I have saved it to my computer and hand written it into a couple cookbooks. Don't want to loose this recipe. Chris

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

You are bringing back happy memories. My mom used to make noodles from scratch. They were yummy!